How to make money with a blog

How to make money with a blog

If you create a blog and now you are looking for how to make money with a blog then you are at the right place. In this article we will teach you how to make money with a blog.

With the advancement of technology, it is becoming easier for anyone to have a space to create and upload content or, in other words, to have their own blog. There are some platforms where you can create your blog for free but if you are serious about managing a profitable blog and its content then you have to pay some money for it.

On the other hand, something that goes hand in hand with the issue of having a profitable blog is how to make money with a blog. Because, today, any trade, knowledge, and hobby can become an important source of money, and this is no exception.

Whether you have created a blog to earn extra money, or if you simply enjoy having a blog to the point of wanting to turn it into a full-time job, I am going to explain some ways to monetize your blog so that it provides you with income at the end of the month.

Tips for a profitable blog:

Making your blog an earning source requires polishing certain factors that range from content creation to strategies to publicize it. Without this, it can take years for your blog to start generating expected earnings. Next, I leave you some aspects to consider when you are looking for how to make money with a blog.

Get visits:

how to make money with a blog

We start with one of the aspects that can intimidate you the most. When it comes to a blog, as well as many projects related to a personal brand, reach or popularity is usually one of the biggest concerns, but calm. Do not be put off.

You may have compared yourself to other blogs and find it impossible to reach these numbers, but remember that they all started with nothing, they also start with zero, and then they become heroes.

On the other hand, seeing the matter from a different perspective, nowadays it is easy to make yourself known if you set your mind to it. Due to such a variety of social networks, publicizing your blog or, at least, creating an opportunity for them to take a look at your content, is not entirely difficult to achieve. From this point on, factors such as the ranking of the web would come into play.

Invest time and money:

How to make money with a blog

If we want to make our profitable blog a source of real money, we must treat it like a real job. With this I do not mean that you must be day and night relentlessly tucked into your blog waiting for a new visit, but it will always be useful to train and research about it so that the quality of your content is maintained or, even more, improves.

On the other hand, although there are free alternatives to create your own blog, keep in mind that these limit the freedoms you have over your content. Although it may cost us, the hosting services offer us the independence that we will need in this new project. And that hosting companies cost a very less amount on a yearly basis and offer us full freedom on our blog. If you want to design your own blog and you don’t know how to design a blog then we can help you in this just contact us.

Have patience:

If you have a blog and now you want to know how to make money with a blog then the most important thing to keep in mind is patience. It may seem unnecessary to mention it, but starting to earn money through a blog is not an easy task.  If it is achievable, but not simple. Just enough not to get carried away by haste and put into practice each step mentioned here. You will see how in a little more than a year (perhaps less) you will find yourself on a step well above the present. Don’t forget to stay persevering.

How to make money with a blog:

When it comes to monetizing a blog we must at least know the extensive catalog of available options on how to make money with a blog. Although it is not usually convenient to use them all at the same time on the same blog, it is always good to know their name and how the methods work, as well as the guarantee of their functionality and trust, added to the testimonies of other bloggers.

For this reason, below, we are going to see some of the best-known methods and those that will surely be very useful when talking about how to make money with your blog or monetizing your blog.

Online advertising:

how to make money with a blog

This is one of the most used methods when creating a profitable blog and wanting to make it a source of income that, at least offers you an extra salary for the expenses of the end of the month. The best thing about this method is that you would still only be in charge of creating your blog content, that is, you should not focus your efforts on anything else. In this way, you can earn money by writing about what you like.

One of the best-known ways to get money through your blog is what is known as CPC advertising, which corresponds to the initials of “Cost per Click”. These acronyms mean that you will receive a profit for each time a user clicks on one of the adverts published.

There is also CPM advertising, for its acronym “Cost per Thousand miles (impressions)”, that is, the money you earn for every thousand times an ad is shown to a visitor on your blog.

Regarding the CPC and CPM advertising services, we can find a certain variety to choose from just by browsing the internet a bit, however, the best known is undoubtedly Google AdSense since it is considered the most effective in the field.

To start using Google AdSense, you must enter its website and register using a form, registering the website where you want to add advertising. Once your application is approved, you will have the possibility to add advertising blocks to your blog, which can vary in sizes and themes. If you want to know more about how to make money with a blog through Google Adsense then just search in google or youTube and you will find a lot of good and well explain tutorials that will help you.

It should be noted that the advertising displayed in these blocks is not chosen by you, but it is Google who determines, according to the theme of the article in question, which advertising is correct for the type of user who visits your content. Although there are those who see this as a disadvantage, the truth is that Google knows how to effectively analyze what type of content to present to you and it is always useful for the user.

Another service that allows you to show ads on your blog, apart from Google Adsense, is The Moneytizer. This platform is usually chosen by users who have not been able to get Google to approve their websites on Adsense, although its operation is very similar. There are a lot of Google AdSense alternatives available in the market, you can find it very easily by a single search.

In conclusion, advertising can be a good way to achieve your goal of making your blog profitable and a real and significant source of income.

How to make money with a blog through Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is another of the favorite methods of many bloggers to earn money. This, unlike advertising, requires additional action. It is not enough that the user only clicks on the advertising offered, but must, in this case, buy the suggested product on your page in order to generate income. It is what is known as CPA or Cost per Action.

There are many companies that offer the possibility of promoting their products through affiliate marketing, let’s see some of them:

1.   Amazon Affiliates:

The Amazone Affiliate program is probably the most widely known and used worldwide. By registering with their affiliate program, you can earn a commission on purchases made by customers who come to Amazon through your links on your blog.

In other words, your blog would be in charge of serving as a mediator between the user and Amazon. Once the user clicks on the suggested Amazon article on your blog and buys it, you will receive a percentage of the profit. It is necessary to emphasize that the purchase is the action that the user must do in order for you to earn; otherwise, you will not be credited with any profit.

To start using this service, simply register and indicate which website you want to promote your articles with. Once your request is approved, you can create and place the links of the products that you want to suggest on your profitable blog, which will carry an identifier that will indicate to Amazon that customers are on your side.

2.   Affiliate Marketing Network ShareASale:

Another platform of affiliate services is ShareASale, which works in the same way as the aforementioned Amazon Affiliates, with the difference that, through this platform, we can find a wide variety of merchants.

The affiliate marketing method works the same way for most services, and ShareASale is no exception. Through this alternative, the platform is promoted through its affiliates so that users who visit your blog reach their websites.

The amount of products that ShareASale has is enormous, so it is difficult not to find any product that adapts to the theme of your page. Thanks to this, you will be able to have the correct advertising no matter what topic you are dealing with on your blog.

3.   Zanox platform:

Finally, we have this affiliate platform with which we can earn money promoting advertisers on our website. Like ShareASale, it has several merchants and you can choose which of them you want to promote on your profitable blog. In this case, the commission can be generated by clicking, by filling out a form or by serving as a bridge to make a sale.

With Zanox, you can choose from a multitude of advertising banners that adapt to the theme of your blog. It has a search engine with configurable filters to facilitate your search.

An important detail to mention is the minimum collection, which can be easily reached, being only € 25.

You can find a lot more affiliate websites, like web hosting companies, themes and plugins selling markets, and many more through which you can earn handsome money through your blog.

Sell ​​Digital products:

The sale of digital products is a way to monetize a blog that has been going on for a few years. It consists of creating and selling digital products, whether they are online courses, digital books, or any other format intended for teaching.

This method is one of the most used by those who enjoy teaching and have their own space to show their knowledge. Although these digital products can be sold in a written format, it is very common that the lessons are in video format.

Luckily, today it is not difficult to get a camera to record the lessons or a program to record the computer screen, so, in most cases, it does not require a large investment in the material.

When it comes to selling your digital product on your blog, you have several options to do it if your website is made with WordPress. You can use plugins like WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads, which implement a fully functional shopping cart, and are two of the most widely, used options.

Best of all, you can put the price that you think is convenient for your digital product, always taking into account its quality and the value it will bring to your customers, so it can be a very profitable method to monetize your blog.

Create a Membership site:

Although this term does not sound familiar to those who want to know how to make money with a blog, you are probably already part of one or more sites that work with this modality. A membership site or subscription site, are those whose pages offer quality content, but for those members who will have access.

The subscription modality may vary depending on the site we are referring to, but normally they opt for monthly payment or annual paid subscriptions.

The content offered on these websites can be informative, adding new courses or lessons periodically, creating new articles with information not found elsewhere, access to tools, etc.

It is also easy to create if your website is made with WordPress since there are plugins like Restrict Content Pro that allows you to implement various levels of subscription and create content that is only visible to subscribers.

The subscription price is also set by you as you see fit, taking into account the quality of the content displayed, the update frequency, etc.

Offer services:

We are now at the final method in how to make money with a blog and that is offer services. Earning money through a blog can go beyond the most widely used and known methods. We know about advertising and affiliation methods, but there are more appropriate and productive alternatives for those with other skills.

And is that offering services is also another of the most used methods when monetizing a blog, and can be very profitable if you get a good flow of customers.

This method can vary depending on the person’s ability, that is, regardless of what your talent is, it can become a service that you can share with the world. From practical skills like cooking or fitness to more creative skills, such as graphic design or website creation.

For this method, you can essentially dedicate your page to offering this service or do tutoring or consulting. Be that as it may, this could be considered one of the most traditional methods, as well as the most underrated by many.

The conclusion to achieve your goal:

Now that you have some knowledge about how to make money with a blog, it’s time to get down to business and start applying everything you have learned. This project is not different from the others in terms of complexity, just training, daring, and knowing how to wait. If over time you notice that something can improve or does not work, it evolves. Managing a blog is not very far from personal development.

Choose the monetization method that suits you best according to the approach you want to give to your blog and start to make it happen by creating content and learning about how to generate traffic to it. Do some SEO of your website, improve your website Domain authority and that will help you in raking your content in Google.

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